Ever be in a situation where thinking about survival mode after being dreaming of getting into financial stability .. that really sucks.

Mentors advise to look for the bright-side in this bad situation and find “ hidden opportunities “, well, it is quite difficult. Can’t be fooled by sweet talk . It’s a sh**y situation thats it .

Well ,it happens. I was watching a black and white documentary about WW2 , thinking how those young business owners felt when they moved from their business work to war work . That gave me a spine chill. Still i am in better situation , locked in home watching youtube waiting for COVID-19 to be controlled and to start dealing with piled debt and lost market .

Psychologists say if you feel bad , compare , look at the happy past or dream the future . We as business owners are getting wealthy because we use our psychological strength again and again to make failed businesses that one of them at the end will just be a very big success.

That’s our only true asset as business owners cult. Our strength to start again .