Iron ores have to reach a melting temperature ( that is 1250 C degree ) converting into hot lava to harden slowly into stronger steel products. Temperature from COVID-19 and financial crisis had reached melting temperature for many business owners. We are screwed from coming loans dues, lost customers, staff liabilities to name a few of this furnace fuel.

In the past we all enjoyed a nice spa. In a really good spa, relaxing mood is built by slow music, aromatherapy, herbal tea and soft masseuse touches. Personally, when I was looking to rush my adrenaline mood, normally I drive a fast car on a hilly curly road or jump between big rocks on a hiking trip. That will trick my brain to boost adrenaline pumping and made me feel energetic for a full week.

I am trying to use this COVID-19 crisis to get me in Hero Mood.

Because it takes a hero to work on something you can’t see its immediate result or benefit. It takes a hero to shut all panicking voices inside your brain. It takes a hero to see that small green corner in a room full of red wall and furniture.

Nelson Mandela became a hero after getting locked down in prison for a long time. His resilience and continuos education made him the hero he is. Its time to find the business hero in you:

1- build patient and resilient character

2- shut panicking voices in your head

3- learn something useful