We all know someone who had a car accident and hospitalized for a few months. Let me share the worst it can happen in this COVID-19 crisis as a business owner, losing a job for 4 months, eating junk cheap processed food for 1 year, had to start from zero, starting to work again as employee 9-5 job in a smaller role for 2 years until you start another business, getting infected with COVID-19 (95% get cured).

The someone I mentioned earlier is a friend had a car accident and been in the hospital for 6 months with minor fractures in the skull, had to spend another 6 months in the house to recover. Now he is a high rank project engineer and sells spare parts from Germany to Africa.

Well, yes things get destructed very fast and built very slow. That what makes us feel very bad about bad circumstances, they are just very damm fast. Physical world is material and move faster than our thoughts and emotions . But at the end our brain will catch up and get healed and cooled .