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Innovation & Valuation Strategists Co. (Innovagist) is a boutique consulting firm specializing in driving valuation growth by innovation.


Innovation Strategists

Our Innovation Strategists advisory service provides practical, affordable, and swift innovative options and ideas using a combination of DIY and collaborative approaches.

Partnering with your company or leading facilitators worldwide, we aim to deliver innovative products, features, services, business models, initiatives, and more. The outcome will not be a theoretical approach or shelved consulting studies, but real, actionable innovative options to select from.

Growth Multiples Advisory

In our short-term engagements at Growth Multiples Advisory, our primary goal is to increase the valuation of our clients’ companies and investments. We strive to advise on maximizing business and share value. Our comprehensive collaboration spans all business aspects, intensifying during transaction preparation and closing.

Growth Multiples Advisory specializes in sell-side consulting and advisory services for the middle market. Our engagements focus on creating exceptional exits. While you excel in your business, selling it may require different expertise. We assist in determining the right actions for divesting your business or raising additional capital.


The Valuation Growth Program (VGP) aims to guide companies on valuation growth through innovation using longer engagements that can last for years. The program fee is a mixed model of Success Fee and Retainer, providing confidence that both parties will work on the project persistently.

This program maximizes your company’s value, making it attractive to multiple investors. Our methodology identifies and addresses organizational gaps, enabling targeted investments and strategic initiatives that increase free cash flow, reduce discountability, and enhance premiums.

Whether it’s the normal course of business, owners preparing companies for potential investors, or embarking on a three-year journey to reach the planned exit valuation, our team will work with you step by step.