Growth Multiples Advisory

Our main goal is to add value to our customers. When clients choose to work with us, we do our best to advise them to get the highest value for their business and shares. Usually, our collaboration covers all business aspects, and it becomes most intense during transaction preparation and closing.


Creating Exceptional Exits

And while you’re the specialist at your business, selling it is probably a different skill for you. You call for assistance in determining the right actions to divest the business or raise extra capital.

Growth Multiples Advisory specializes in sell-side consulting and advisory services for the middle market.


GM3Y PROGRAM aims to encourage companies to get set up to sell to potential investors. Through GM3Y PROGRAM, you can start three years before you reach the planned exit valuation. Growth Multiples Advisory will be on your side to formulate a unique growth strategy for your company.

We influence our model to maximize the company value that multiple investors will compete to buy. Our methodology uncovers any cracks in your organization, so you can get into targeted investments and strategic initiatives that will increase free cash flow, reduce discountability and increase premiums.